bigsxd Asked
QuestionDid Silk Road get shut down? Answer


QuestionSo do you sell ? Do you consume any of you're Molly ? Answer

Both;D why you ask? Of course

QuestionI'm so mesmerized by your rocks!!! We should do Molly together sometime :) Answer

Where you from? Haha follow me on the gram switching it up now

QuestionI only dream about seeing moon rocks like this in new Hampshire :( lol Answer

I wish I could share with everyone I feel like I’m teasing people on here!

ATTENTION ALL FOLLOWERS;D just made an Instagram follow me @SWVGGIO

Questionits hella weird going down your blog and recognizing a ton of these rocks I've seen in person. Damn I haven't really realized how much you've gotten since I've known you. Hella rocks gooodlawd. Answer

It’s ridiculous how much Molly we go through… Lol

Questionso uhhhhh, thats a nice chunk of molly you got there, Answer

Thanxxxxxx yewww! Which one?? Lol

QuestionAre you really 17 and just know where to get straight moon rocks? Rollin' titties!! Answer

No I lie about my age…. I’m 12 lol jk of course I’m 17:)

Questiongreat blog lovee molly :) Answer

Sameee I love reading what people have to say about my rocks ^_^

QuestionI'm from the Midwest. I just got shit like that except broken up, if you look far enough back you'll see my post Answer

Will do if I find it ill reblog